The Hotel Villa Franz is located in the town of Sant’Angelo. In ancient times it was a fishing village but today is a picturesque setting of luxury boutiques and exclusive products, coffee bars, restaurants, pizzerias from the typical Italian gastronomy. All wrapped up in the romantic atmosphere of the “Piazzetta” of Sant’Angelo.


All Sant’Angelo is in a restricted traffic area (ZTL), so you can move on foot or by electric taxis similar to golf cars. Most people define it as “the island in the Island” precisely because it embodies a completely different reality from the rest of the island, made of nature, colours and flavours typical of the Mediterranean, but mostly of quiet.

Our structure is about 20 minutes walk far from the Piazzetta and the bus/car parking, but only 70 metres from the beach of the Fumarole, famous for its hot sand, characteristic of volcanic areas. This property is exploited not only for the steam cooking of certain dishes, but also for the “sandblasting”, real baths in the sand recommended for those who suffer from rheumatic pains. From the beach, you can reach the other beaches of the Bays of Maronti and Sorgeto through the characteristic taxi boat.

For those who wish to enjoy the benefits of the famous thermal waters of the island, the ancient Roman spa of Cavascura and the Tropical Thermal Park accredited by the Local Health Service are not so far from the hotel.

Thanks to this and much more, the Hotel Villa Franz is the ideal destination for those who want a holiday of sea, relax, well-being and tranquility, where you can regenerate from the hectic city life!